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A Workout To Try & Some Random Notes

I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. It’s ALMOST Friday. We got this!


Thanks for taking time to read my first post. This blogging thing is kind of scary (putting yourself out there and all), but I’ve received so much positive feedback!

I didn’t include any actual home gym photos in my first post, so here are a few. It’s pretty friggin’ awesome. Jimmy did a great job!

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HIIT type workouts are some of my favorites because they’re down and dirty, quick and efficient. You get a good workout in without having to carve out an hour of your day. The workout below is one that I completed on Tuesday evening. All it requires is 15 minutes and a little space to move around, making it perfect for those with crazy schedules.

HIIT Workout 5-23-17

What I did:

I started with a 5-minute warm up. I would normally jog for a few minutes, but it was raining. Instead, I did some jumping jacks, squats, lunges, and stretching. The workout itself took a little over 15 minutes to complete 3 rounds. When I was done, I did some weighted, one-legged squats (into sitting position on the box… I’m working up to the real thing) and plank holds (1 minute in the middle and 1 minute on each side, holding a 5 lb dumbbell at the top with my free arm). Start to finish, I was in they gym for 30 minutes. So fast. So efficient.

Give the workout a try and let me know what you think!

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Same random side-notes…

Has anyone tried the new CLIF Nut Butter Filled Bars?? A-friggin-mazing. I tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter kind and am loving them.

I just started using a plant-based protein called 22 Days, recommended by my sister… I’m really liking it so far! I actually like the taste, which is a first for me in the protein powder department. Maybe I’ll do a review once I’ve been using it for a little while.

Jimmy and I will be heading back to our honeymoon beach for the weekend and we’re so excited to get away! I’ll definitely do a recap of our trip once we get back.


Questions of the day:

-What is your favorite health food or supplement right now?

-Any plans for the holiday weekend?

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