Memorial Weekend in Port Saint Joe

First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Weekend! A huge THANK YOU goes out to all of those who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom. We are thankful for all that you do, every day.

American flag

On Thursday night, we left for Port Saint Joe, located in the Florida Panhandle. Let me tell you a little bit about this amazing little beach town…

port st joe

My mom has been vacationing in Port Saint Joe for years because her high school bestie, Kathy, and her husband, Joe, own the cutest beach cottage there. Shortly after Jimmy and I got engaged (almost two years ago), Kathy and Joe offered to let Jimmy and I use their beach house for our honeymoon. We obviously took them up on their offer and have completely fallen in love with the place. Not to mention, Kathy and Joe are the most amazing hosts… visiting them is always a treat!

For this trip, my mom traveled down with us. Kathy, Joe, my mom (Becky), Jimmy, and I had the best few days together. I’m so happy we were able to spend some time at our favorite beach.

• • •

On Thursday evening, we loaded up mom’s car and got on the road (Jimmy and I like driving at night to avoid traffic). It’s a nine-hour drive, but totally worth it. We finally arrived at about 5am and Kathy and Joe met us at the front door with mimosas! They recently finished up a ton of renovations to the beach house, so they wanted to give us the grand tour. It looked awesome!

The picture below is of us cruising down the road, dinner in hand.


Friday morning, I got in 6.5 hot, humid, sweaty miles before we spent all day on the beach. Bravo to those who run in Florida heat and humidity on a regular basis… it was tough for me!

I saw this little turtle guy on my run. Cutie!


Friday evening, everyone watched the sunset together on the beach and we enjoyed a home cooked meal of steamed shrimp, grilled grouper, salad, and couscous. And my mom’s homemade salsa… SO GOOD! I’ll get her to share the recipe sometime.

Saturday morning, Joe decided to take us out on his boat to do some fishing. I’m not much of a fisherman, so I was a little worried it was going to be a boring experience. WRONG! I had so much fun! We started off in the bay (Port Saint Joe is located on St. Joseph Bay) and ended up catching four Blacktip Shark, a couple of which were three feet long. Those things are STRONG… and so beautiful! The boys let me reel two of them in and it was quite the workout. After a while, we decided to head up the Intercostal for a change of scenery. There, we caught a few red fish and some catfish. Not quite as exciting as the shark catching, but those little guys were biting away! Around 4pm, we decided to pack it up and head home. Joe was the best guide! We really enjoyed fishing with him.

Saturday evening, we watched sunset on the beach again and ordered takeout from the BEST restaurant in Port Saint Joe, Provisions. This place is amazing. I had the Mediterranean Chop Chop Salad with grilled chicken. After dinner, we headed down to Lookout Lounge, mom and Kathy’s favorite bar in the area. The bar had a band playing outside on the patio and karaoke going on inside. We had a fun time with plenty of laughs! The pictures were taken before we left the house, the only time I fixed my hair the entire trip. PS… most of the pictures posted were taken by Joe. He’s an amazing photographer!

Sunday morning, Kathy and I drove to a bike path in Port Saint Joe so she could walk and I could run. I walked with her for a while and then started my run. Out of about 4.5 miles, I think I ran 3.

When we got back, Jimmy and I geared up for some paddle boarding! I mentioned that I was interested in giving the sport a try, so Joe rented some boards for us. I don’t know if you can tell but, Jimmy and I were totally spoiled on this vacation thanks to mom, Kathy, and Joe.

Paddle boarding is way harder than it looks. It’s a pretty serious full-body workout! The water was probably too choppy for much success, but we attempted it anyway. After about 30 minutes, we decided that, given the wind and current, it would be easier to tag-team one board, which made things much easier for a while. We both even stood up a few times! After about two hours, we came in and sat on the beach to wait for the water to calm down a little. It never did, so we just packed up and headed back to the house.

Sunday evening, we did the normal sunset thing and headed back in for another home cooked meal. Turkey burgers (beef for the boys) on the grill with berry salad and roasted sweet potato fries. Another winner!


Monday morning, I got up for my last 6.5 mile run of the trip. When I get back to the house, Jimmy and I packed up, loaded the car, and said our goodbyes. My mom is staying a little while longer and renting a car to get back to NC… we did not leave her there, although I’m sure she wouldn’t have minded.

We had the best time with great food, fun, sun, and the best company! We’re already trying to work out the dates of our next visit.

Questions of the day:

-What did you do over the holiday weekend?

-Ever tried paddle boarding? What did you think?

-Do you love eating out or home cooked meals when you’re on vacation?

-Do you exercise on vacation?

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