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Life Lately

Hi Guys! Sorry it’s been almost a week since my last post. My work-life has been BANANAS and I’ve had very little time to think, much less put together a decent post.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Global Running Day yesterday! I had plans to run my favorite route and that got totally squashed when I worked until after 6pm and it looked like it might storm by the time I made it home. Womp womp. BUT! I did celebrate by signing up for the Brooks Big Endorsement. Brooks (my favorite running brand) is celebrating all of us average, non-elite runners with an endorsement. All you have to do is register. Click the link above for more information.


I thought this was funny.


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Here are a few highlights from life lately…

I totally reorganized me kitchen cabinets on Sunday morning. On a whim. Oops.


We visited the farm I get my CSA from on Sunday afternoon. It was amazing to see the gardens that produce all of the goodness I get in my boxes each week. I could have stayed there all day.


I did this workout on Monday evening… it was tough! I was a sweaty mess by the end.


Tuesday evening, I left work in the worst mood and wanted nothing to do with running. I just wanted to go home, lay in bed, and catch up on my shows (thanks, Netflix, for releasing all the good stuff at the SAME TIME). I told myself to do “just 1 easy mile,” and per usual, that 1 easy mile turned into 3, which turned into 6.  Sometimes my runs feel great. My pace feels good, my legs feel weightless, and my energy is high. Most of the time though, my runs are a really hard. I keep looking at my Garmin wondering “what the heck is wrong with me?” because my pace is off, my legs feel like they weigh 1,000lbs each, it’s hot, it’s hilly, it’s just not glamorous…  The thing that always motivates me to get moving is that feeling I know I’ll get about 1 mile into any run. Endorphins. The runner’s high. Whatever you like to call it, it’s real, and it’s the reason I love to run as much as I do. Watching my perspective and attitude change over the course of a few miles is one of the best parts of my day and that feeling will always keep me coming back for more. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if every run was the amazing kind… but that’s just not real life. 😉


A couple of this week’s eats:

-Iced coffee with Blue Diamond Almond Coconut Milk (unsweetened) and 1 scoop 22 Days Vanilla Protein. Coffee and breakfast in one! It’s delicious. I could seriously do this every day for breakfast.

-My mom’s Couscous Salad: She just mixes cooked couscous with veggies (tomato, bell pepper, olives, onion, whatever you want) and feta. Delicious and so simple!

-Salads: I’m still hooked on having rotisserie chicken, blueberries, walnuts, avocado, and feta on a bed of greens with my favorite Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette. I could eat this combo daily.

• • •

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Get out there and run… It’ll be hard, but you won’t be sorry.


-What eats are you hooked on lately?

-Any motivational running stories to share?

-How did you celebrate Global Running Day? Let me know if you sign up to be #brooksendorsed


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Quick Grab-N-Go Breakfast Ideas

Hello again! It’s Friday, which means we made it through another week. I know a workweek following a vacation is always tough for me. What about you? #needallthecoffee


Today, I want to share a few of my go-to breakfasts that are quick and easy for hectic morning routines.

I know some people aren’t big on breakfast… but I am not one of them. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! I’m usually hungry as soon as I wake up. My stomach will even wake me up on the weekends if I sleep too late. What can I say? I’m just hungry.

I also think breakfast is really important. You just spent 7+ hours sleeping (hopefully), your body needs to hydrate and fuel for the long, busy day ahead.

My schedule can be quite crazy first thing in the morning, so I try to keep things as easy as possible. Here are a few of my go-to’s:

-Cottage Cheese and Fruit: One of my favorite combos is grapes with cottage cheese (berries or apples/cinnamon are also really good). I usually like to combine the cottage cheese and fruit into individual containers ahead of time so I can just grab one out of the fridge and eat while getting ready for work. Super simple, delicious, and healthy.

22 Days Vanilla Protein Powder: I’ve really been liking this protein. Lately, I’ve been tossing 1 scoop into 1 cup of almond milk or water and drinking it in the car on my way to work. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

-Oatmeal: This instant oatmeal is my favorite. Try mashing a banana in with your oats after they’re cooked and adding a spoonful of nut butter. You can really add whatever toppings you want! I like to cook my oatmeal in a mason jar (or mug that will fit in the cup-holder in my car) so I can eat it on the road. Just be careful of water overflow while it’s in the microwave. You have to keep an eye on it. 🙂

-Granola Bars: Some weeks, I do NOT have time to get to the store, let alone prep anything. So, sometimes, I start my day with a granola bar. I like these Kind Bars. They’re not terrible in sugar and they’re pretty wholesome. Bagged granola with almond milk is another good one. Just be careful not to over-serve the granola. It’s easy to do. Like, I have been known to consume a 7 serving bag of granola in 3 days. Oops.

Sweet Potato Banana Bites: If I have a little time to prep on the weekend, I really like making these. The ingredients include 1 cooked sweet potato (skins removed), 1/4 cup nut butter, 2 eggs, one mashed banana, cinnamon, and mini chocolate chips. That’s it! I heat 2-3 (mini muffin size) in the microwave for about 20 seconds and voila… breakfast!

I hope these ideas are helpful!

If you have any of your own go-to’s, please leave them in the comments!

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Here are a few pictures from our life lately…

A nightly occurrence. Covered in cats.


He’s my person.


CSA season is upon us! My lunches and dinners will consist mostly of veggies from now until October. So thankful for Crady’s Farm… they hook me up with all the good stuff!


This week got me like…

romaine calm

Have a great weekend, friends!